Mortal Fools Theatre Project

Dave Mortensen

Dave Mortensen (Producer, Founding Member) is currently based in Kaysville, UT.  A recent graduate of BYU, he works for a small software company by day and participates in theatre by night–and weekends. In the past four years, he has produced nineteen productions including 9 original scripts. Directing credits include Without Fear, Bunny Bunny: a sort-of love story, and The Secret Garden. In January 2010, David founded the Utah Theater Bloggers Association: a website driven to review every theatrical production in the state of Utah. As of August 2010 they have reviewed over 130 productions and grown a readership of 3,500+ per month. He is especially grateful for his family, those wonderful mentors at BYU, and his experiences with the BYU Experimental Theatre Company.

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