Mortal Fools Theatre Project


As the play opens, it is introduced to the audience by Tom as a memory play, based on his recollection of his mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura. Amanda’s husband left the family years before and she remains stuck in the past. Tom works in a warehouse, chafing under the boredom of everyday life and spending much of his spare time watching movies in cheap cinemas. Amanda is obsessed with finding a suitor for Laura, who spends most of her time with her glass collection. At the insistence of his mother, Tom brings a young man home for dinner in the hopes he will be the long-awaited suitor for Laura. When Laura realizes Jim is the man she loved in high school and has thought of ever since, he dashes her hopes for a future, telling her that he is already engaged.



Production Team

  • Mark Bell (Stage Manager)
  • Nat Reed (Set Design)
  • Landen Gates (Costume/Makeup Design)
  • Josh Gubler (Lighting Design)
  • Jennifer Reed (Production Manager)
  • Ward Wright (Technical Director)
  • Dave Mortensen (Business Manager)
  • Production Information & Photography

    Performances took place March 11-27, 2010 @ 7:30 PM at the Provo Theater, 100 East 100 North, Provo, UT.

    Production Photos – Courtesy of Michael Handley

    The photos below may ONLY be used for promotional purposes of Mortal Fools Theatre Company and must include the name of the listed photographer. To download high-res copy: right click, open link in new tab, right click, save image as.

    Glass Menagerie 0231.JPGGlass Menagerie 0251.JPGGlass Menagerie 0212.JPGGlass Menagerie 0111.JPGGlass Menagerie 0094.JPGGlass Menagerie 0081.JPGGlass Menagerie 0353.JPGGlass Menagerie 0323.JPGGlass Menagerie 0357.JPGGlass Menagerie 0287.JPGGlass Menagerie 0281.JPG

    Publicity Photos – Courtesy of Winsor Photography.

    MFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 1.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 2.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 3.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 4.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 5.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 8.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 6.jpgMFTP - Glass Menagerie (2010) - 7.jpg

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